Gravity Bin Features

  • Unequaled Self-Winding Spring / Closure Mechanism is Outside the Food Zone
  • Internal Flow Channel Smoothly Gravitates Product into the Rounded Spout
  • Handle Action Gradually Opens Spout like a Crescent to a Full Round Moon
  • Lid has a Continuous Tight Seam like Containers Used to Refrigerate Foods
  • False Front Displays Product Content & Label Holder Shows Product ID
  • Made of Polycarbonate … 35 X Stronger than Acrylic Bins
  • Only 5 Components : Unique “Easy Connect” Bayonet & Snap-On Parts
  • Cleaning & Assembly is a Breeze. All Parts are Industrial Dishwasher-Proof
  • Rounded Corners to Eliminate Food Residue
  • These Gravity Dispensers are Bio-Safe, UV Protected & Fully Recyclable

Most Advanced Dispense System

Bayonet style connect/ disconnect for ease of cleaning. The one part design consists of the handle, dosing scoop, spring torsion disc and self-winding spring. This spring mechanism is permanently inside the handle/scoop assembly, thus minimizing parts. End cap connects to this handle mechanism with two clips. BestBins consists of only 5 components. No tools are necessary to disassemble/assemble.

Intuitive and User Friendly!

The internal flow channel gravitates product into the rounded spout with a minimal of stream restriction. More kinds and also larger types of ingredients flow through this bin. Pulling the handle, the spout gradually opens up to a 2.5 “ diameter. Handle action opens the spout like a crescent to a full moon. The sensitivity of the self-winding spring system allows
the consumer to dispense small quantities at a time.

Shelf Space Economy

Maximizes retail shelf space utilizing typical horizontal, vertical & depth dimensions.

10 bins will fit on a 48” shelf (8 bins per 100 cm shelf). Compared to other existing 3-gallon polycarbonate bins, BestBins 4-gallon (1 extra gallon!) bin is narrower in width, shorter in height and has a depth of 18 inches. This profile more fully utilizes the standard retail shelf, which is typically 18-22 inches deep. The system also increases SKU’s per shelf. That is why BestBins delivers 50 to 70 % more capacity per each 4-foot shelf section!