About The Best Bin

On March 1, 2001, BestBins Corporation proudly introduced 2 specifically designed Polycarbonate Gravity Bins, which even by today’s standards are the most up to date and enhanced food storage & dispense polycarbonate bins available. The “Next Generation” description still stands compared to all other gravity bins manufactured worldwide.

Inspired by their first-hand experiences in merchandising bulk food dispensers, a team of professionals put together a “wish list” of design ideas and then engaged a highly regarded/awarded design & engineering firm to develop a gravity bin system far superior to all other existing bulk food dispensers.

BestBins designed the unique, environmentally friendly gravity bins specifically in answer to customers’ needs and concerns about operating costs, shelf space economy, sanitation and merchandising techniques.

BestBins commitment to safety and respect for our planet has led to the bins next evolution. The bladders are made from a BPA-free, FDA approved PETG that delivers strength and clarity while using a feedstock that is partly derived from a bio-renewable feedstock vs 100% fossil fuel feedstock. We are committed to using increased bio-renewable attributes where possible, without giving up quality. All parts in food contact areas are made of BPA-free and FDA approved materials. The handle grips and bag grips contain an anti-microbial additive that keeps both high touch areas cleaner than the original design.

“Next Generation” gravity bins mount on almost any flat surface, eliminating the need for special or additional fixtures. The bins can convert gondola and other shelving into cosmetically attractive bulk food displays. Wherever BestBins end up, we stand behind the quality of our products. Our bin production/assembly is strictly in the USA. Products are being shipped direct from our plant in Coloma, Michigan, USA.

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