Cereal and Snack Dispensing Bins

Crispy, crunchy, tasty!” Today’s cereal and snack aisles are jam-packed with SKU’s…the perfect avenue to entice customers to shop bulk. BestBins is aware of the labor intense and difficult task to fill out-of-stock items and maximize space-to-sales on a day-to-day basis.

With our gravity bins, versatility and modularity rise to the occasion! The “Next Generation” bins can help maximize space-to-sales issues much easier than before by creating an eye-catching bulk section.

Bulk shopping in the cereal/snack aisle practically shouts “value and freshness!”

Bulk merchandising in the cereal aisles can be as simple as putting ten 8-Gallon gravity bins on the least utilized space—the top shelf.

Imagine that—up to 200 lbs of cereal on just one 4-foot lineal shelf!

Cross merchandising packaged goods within the cereal aisle provides the perfect opportunity to entice package customers to try bulk shopping. Because of the additional bulk purchases, you will see increased revenues as the crossover emerges.

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