Antimicrobial Additive Inhibits Growth of Bacteria, Fungi and Algae. If you have a bulk food section using Best Bins Dispensers, we would encourage you to swap out the current handles and bag grips with an Antimicrobial Replacement Kit.

Getting a Handle on Customer Safety

We hope that you are coping with the hardships caused by the current COVID-19 pandemic. We wanted to let you know about our effort to find a material for the handles and bag grips on our Best Bins bulk gravity dispensers and Pet Silos that could help stop the spread of germs. We have found a silver ion-based antimicrobial additive that is designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and algae on the surface of the grips. While we cannot make any official health benefit claims as it pertains specifically to the grips on our parts, the additive has proven positive results in other products where it is being used. We are proud to offer Antimicrobial Replacement Kits. Each kit consists of 1 Handle and 1 Bag Grip. These kits are an inexpensive option to buying a completely new bin. We feel the Antimicrobial Replacement Kits will result in a cleaner and safer product. We would strongly recommend replacing these in all your bulk food sections for your customer’s peace of mind.


Let’s Get Started

Best Bins Antimicrobial additive is designed to inhibit growth of bacteria, fungi and algae.

The handle works for all Best Bin and Pet Silo spout assemblies.

Install your New Antimicrobial Replacement Kit

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Available in carton counts of 2, 5 or 15

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No Fee Handle Recycling Included
Product returns will be 100% recycled, no recycling fees and zero waste will enter the landfill as a result of their product return. Free return label included with each shipment.

We appreciate your business and stay safe.